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Welcome to the Asylum

Welcome to Arkham City Comics!


The comic book store that is the safe haven/madhouse for ALL comic book fans in Auckland… in fact, New Zealand!


We have Comics (recent releases & back-issues), Graphic Novels, Collectibles, T-shirts, Original Artwork and random bits of fun.


With Back-Issues we accept “Want Lists” and can track down nearly anything & everything. We have many contacts through Australia, USA and Europe (Comic stores & private collectors)


For up-to-date details of the madness that is ARKHAM… keep an eye out for us on or if you want to give us a bell (09) 62 JOKER – (09) 62 56537


(For more details about us… look to your right of the screen)


Mr. J


Hot titles

A selection of the hot new release titles for this month to check them all out head over to the New Releases page here.

Become an Inmate

This is your chance to join Arkham City Comics.


As an Inmate you can subscribe & order material with ease.


Receive information regarding special events, promotions & sales.


You'll get your own CELL number (this is where we hide your comics), a personalized keyring (with your mugshot) and a few extra special things when the time arises.


You also have the opportunity to TRADE in collections or collectibles for store credit. We’re always interested in collections and cool stuff.


“Are you committed?”


Mr. J


Shop Info


Mon-Wed 9am - 5.30pm

Thurs - 9am - 8pm

Fri - 9am - 5.30pm

Sat - 9am - 5pm

Sun - 10am - 5pm

Closed - Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Christmas Day


Royal Oak Mall upstairs McDonalds end

Shop 45A/691 Manukau Rd

Royal Oak



(09) 62 JOKER – (09) 62 56537

Allies of Arkham

Head on over to the Friends page to view all the allies of Arkham with links to their websites.

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